Lace Melt  ( click dot for colors)
NEW....Lace Melt is now available. 2oz bottle are $12.99.Apply to the lace or clients mold.No Cap needed. Designed for seamless blending, knot coverage..Create natural looking laefrontals and closures.  

How to use the lace Melt

Lace Melt can be applied to the lace or scalp.

Option 1.
Can be applied after braid or braidless foundation is done by adding it in the lace area.

Option 2.
Lace Melt applied to lace.
Spray holding spray underneath the lace, let dry by blow drying then apply the Lace Melt with a brush or sponge . Applied a little at a time and blow dry until dry

Pick a color.
*this product is Latex Free.
Enjoy and Create.

Lace Melt ( click dot for colors)